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 Are Wonders boots comfortable?

Wonders boots feature their patented trademark technology. The sole is shock absorbent while the insole contains MemoryGel, ensuring a supportive and cushioned fit all day long. 

Our customers love the lightweight feel of Wonders boots and the super soft leather is luxurious to touch. Comfort is never compromised and attention to detail is always key. The design teams are also aware that femininity and trends are also important. All of these factors are taken into account when creating the perfect everyday wearable boots.

Why do our customers love  Wonders Boots so much?

 1. Comfort: They feature a lightweight WondersFly technology in the sole which absorbs impact, they also have a MemoryGel insole ensuring a supportive cushioned fit and all day comfort. 

2. Softness: Made in a soft Spanish leather with leather lining they are soft from the first wear with no need to break in. An ideal choice for anyone who needs softness especially at the side of the foot.

3. Quality: A family run business from Spain, they work with highly qualified craftsmen and designers to produce fresh designs, using new technologies and high quality leathers and materials.

4. Sustainability: Wonders use water-based glues, soles made from recycled materials, sustainable leathers, recycled packaging and renewable energies.

Wonders boots Ireland - Wonders boots for Women


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