We are so thrilled to add CLUSE watches to our collections here at Sheneil Shoes, we are huge fans of these timepieces that represent elegance and minimalism.
Cluse watches are timepieces that aspire to be part of people who are conscious about their style. A CLUSE watch brings the best out of your look and completes your outfit. CLUSE is there not only to indicate time, but to define your best moments and captivate attention in all simplicity.                      CLUSE watches are produced with attention and care, with a strong focus on materials, quality and style. In their Amsterdam office their atelier with specialized watchmakers for quality control and repair, to assure the quality of each new model  launched.

CLUSE WATCHEScl30013-minuit-mesh-rose-gold-cluse_446b29b5-8b46-4141-869b-2b4e924472ab_1024x1024 cluse-cl30010-minuit-mesh-gold-white__frontal_w


cluse-cl30025_66cb78bd-94bc-4085-896e-34c92444cf05_1024x1024 cluse-cl18029-la-bohe_me-rose-gold-white-midnight-blue-frontal cl18015-cluse_1024x1024


cl18414-cluse_62462c5e-2568-4ae3-92cd-6db4d2944c63_1024x1024 cl18232-cluse_cd4f84b5-26dc-4418-841b-06902955cd3d_1024x1024             cluse_laboheme_rose_gold_white_metallic_womens_leather_watch_cl18030__36791-1476407806-392-523



cluse_laboheme_gold_white_metallic_womens_leather_watch_cl18421__21360-1476407517-392-523                       cluse_laboheme_silver_white_metallic_womens_leather_watch_cl18233__26765-1476407077-392-523